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In a party Its not just the music that counts but the way in which the music is delivered to your ears that matters. If the DJ sound system is cheap and nasty then even your favourite tunes will make you want to put your fingers in your ears. Any tune will contain thousands of different frequency's, all of which need to be reproduced by the DJs sound system in the correct proportions to enhance the party atmosphere. It is a huge mistake for the DJ to take a small sound system to a large venue and expect to fill it with a quality sound just by raising the volume. Sounds distorts at different levels when the speakers are overdriven and can lead to ear damage. A professional Mobile Disco needs professional Mobile Disco equipment as well as an experienced party DJ. Unfortunately professional Disco equipment costs a lot of money and DJ experience takes years of practice.

Some people think that anyone can DJ at a party and if they play any records in any order on cheap mobile disco equipment the party will still be a great success. That's just like saying anyone can take a decent wedding photograph with a cheap disposable camera. To be a good DJ able to read the crowd takes experience, any DJ will make lots of mistakes as they learn the trade and many new DJs simple give up. Unlike almost any other job the party DJ needs to get it right on the night first time every time. Its also critical your party DJ is 100% reliable, because lets face it, if you call a plumber and he arrives two hours late or doesn't turn up at all it doesn't matter that much, you just book another plumber. Its inconvenient but hardly the end of the world. However if your DJ is even two minutes late or doesn't show up for your special occasion, it will seem worse than the end of the world.

Enfield mobile discos have performed at hundreds of different parties in Enfield and we are never late or fail to turn up. We bring with us top quality Mobile Disco equipment and a huge selection of different music to suit all tastes. Our party Djs have experience in all kinds of party events and we offer a DJ hire service in Enfield at very reasonable rates.

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